A snowy engagement on film in Bryce Canyon

Eryndae Thorvaldsen

May 8, 2023

Annalise and I met freshman year in the dorms at Western Washington University. We spent the next four (and then some) years living together, exploring together and loving each other unconditionally. She also was my muse many times while I took film photography classes. During those years she also met Ben, a sweet, goofy man who loves her more than words can describe.

Although there are times when me and Annalise don’t talk for months on end, I know she is being cared for by the wonderful Ben. So when I got the call a year ago, asking me to fly down to Utah to be there for their engagement, the only answer was “yes, I will do everything in my power to be there”.

This past month I got to celebrate their engagement surrounded by our college friends. As Annalise said when she proposed “you’re my best friend”. Now I know how special it feels to be Annalise’s best friend, Ben is a lucky man. It was also so sweet that Ben was majorly surprised during the proposal and the emotions between them were contagious. 

Although this was planned to be a “spring break” trip, somehow we ended up with snow banks taller than us. Shouldn’t have expected anything less than adventure from Annalise and Ben’s engagement.

Whenever I get film back from my travels, I’m always taken over by a heart warming sense of nostalgia. It takes me right back to each of these moments. Shout out to Basement Lab in Minneapolis for doing an amazing job developing and scanning my work.

 Being able to capture this engagement adventure on film brought me back to why I am so passionate about couples photography, capturing those memories to cherish forever. You don’t have to be engaged or getting married to want to freeze a moment in time with your partner, please reach out with any and all love stories.