Parisian Inspired Backyard Wedding

Couple waits for ceremony to start in Intimate Backyard Wedding

Eryndae Thorvaldsen

November 21, 2023

Backyard wedding ceremony seating in black and white

Weddings have long been associated with traditions and conventions, but in recent years, couples have been embracing the idea of breaking free from the norm. Allowing them to celebrate their love in a way that truly reflects their personalities and style. Madison and Nathan’s backyard wedding is a perfect example of this. They shattered tradition to create a beautiful, high-class, Parisian inspired intimate wedding right in Madison’s parents’ backyard.

The backdrop of a backyard wedding may seem unconventional for a high-class affair, but Madison and Nathan knew this was the perfect setting for their special day. With the right planning and vision, any space can be transformed into your dream wedding venue. Madison’s parents’ backyard was a picturesque canvas waiting to be painted with elegance and style. Intentionality ran deep in every detail.

Hire a Planner

The key to transforming the backyard into a Parisian inspired paradise was the immaculate styling by Elevate Events. From the moment guests arrived, they were transported into a world of sophistication and charm. The couple, along with their wedding planners, ensured that every detail exuded a sense of high fashion and luxury. Surrounded by the already luscious garden grown by Madison’s mother, the canvas they got to work with was vast and inspiring.

On the day of, the planners moved everything along effortlessly. This allowed Madison and Nathan to be transported into a dream, surrounded by all their more important people. Every detail was covered by Elevate Events and could only be described as perfection.

Have a Dress Code

Guests arrived dressed to the nines, with each outfit carefully curated to align with the garden scene. The level of style and sophistication was unparalleled, and it was clear that everyone had embraced the couple’s vision. From chic Parisian-inspired designer ensembles to stunning vintage outfits, the guests’ attire added to the ambiance of the day.

Madison and Nathan’s presence was a perfect blend of high class and down-to-earth charm. They demonstrated that it’s possible to break from tradition while remaining true to themselves. Their choice of a backyard wedding wasn’t about being unconventional; it was about creating an intimate and personal celebration that truly represented who they are as a couple.

The couple’s decision to embrace a Parisian theme brought a level of sophistication to their wedding that left a lasting impression. The dรฉcor was nothing short of exquisite.

Choose the Ceremony Space With the Best Light

The wedding ceremony was held under a stunning green canopy, which served as a focal point for the entire event. It was a vision of romance, the backdrop of cascading flowers and lush greenery creating a breathtaking moment for Madison and Nathan’s vows. The couple’s ceremony was heartfelt and genuine, reflecting their deep connection and love for each other.

Opt for Banquet Tables

Guests were seated at long, elegant tables adorned with crisp white linens and dried flowers scattered down the center. The food and drink were carefully curated to represent the best local cuisine. The florals had been grown right there on the property, leaning into the personal importance of the land they were getting married on.

Simple authentic couples wedding portraits at backyard wedding

While the style and ambiance were undeniably high class, Madison and Nathan’s down-to-earth presence added a sense of warmth and authenticity to the day. They made sure to spend time with each guest, sharing stories and creating memories that will be cherished for years to come. It was a reminder that a wedding can be both elegant and approachable, a reflection of the couple’s personalities.

Madison and Nathan’s Parisian inspired backyard wedding serves as a testament to the beauty of breaking tradition and crafting a celebration that is uniquely your own. They showed that it’s possible to infuse high-class elegance into an intimate setting while remaining true to your authentic selves. In the end, their wedding wasn’t just a celebration of their love; it was an expression of their style, their personalities, and their commitment to making their special day truly unforgettable.

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