Untraditional Wedding: Embracing Color in Wedding Attire

Eryndae Thorvaldsen

February 21, 2024

When it comes to weddings, tradition has often wielded significant influence, dictating every detail of the day, from the venue to the vows, and, of course, the attire. However, as couples increasingly seek to express their individuality and creativity, many are breaking free from the constraints of tradition and embracing color in their wedding attire. These vibrant, non-white gowns are making a bold and beautiful statement, redefining what it means to be a bride.

The History

The traditional white wedding dress has long symbolized purity, innocence, and a fresh start. Its roots trace back to the 19th century when Queen Victoria adorned a white gown for her wedding to Prince Albert. Prior to that, brides often wore their best dresses, irrespective of color. Today, as brides and grooms endeavor to infuse their weddings with their unique personalities and styles, colorful wedding dresses have staged a comeback.

The Designers

Yet, it’s not merely about selecting a color that resonates with you; it’s also about making a fashion-forward statement. Modern designers are embracing the trend of colorful wedding dresses, crafting bespoke gowns that epitomize the latest fashion and style trends. From intricately embellished gowns in blush hues to sleek, contemporary dresses in shades of gray, there’s a colorful wedding dress to complement every taste and style.

The most iconic dress we saw recently was Sophia Bush’s Monique Lhuillier floral dress. There is no doubt she is a trendsetting and it got me so excited to see how the bridal industry followed. Puyan Saheb Djavaher has exquisitely crafted wedding attire with stunning detailed embroidery. The color infused in her designs is delicate at times and always a reflection of your personal style. Happy Isles has an incredible collection of bridal vintage couture. They understand that your wedding day is the ultimate time to showcase your personal style.

Your Color Palette

Opting for a colorful wedding dress is about self-expression and showcasing your individuality. It’s about defying expectations and celebrating your unique personality. It’s a bold choice that declares, “This is who I am, and I’m celebrating it on my special day.”

Another exciting aspect of selecting a colorful wedding dress is the opportunity to craft a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing wedding color palette. Your dress can serve as the anchor for your chosen color scheme, enabling you to coordinate your bridal party’s attire, the décor, and even the floral arrangements.

Moreover, a colorful wedding dress opens up a realm of possibilities for customization. Many brides opt to incorporate unique and personal touches to their gowns, such as intricate beading, embroidery, or even hand-painted designs. These embellishments can be color-coordinated to fashion a dress that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Ultimately, a colorful wedding dress extends an invitation to be courageous and bold, to embrace your individuality, and allow your style to radiate on your wedding day. It serves as a reminder that the most crucial aspect of your wedding dress is not its color, but how it makes you feel.

In a world where tradition no longer dictates the choices we make for our weddings, a colorful wedding dress symbolizes the bride’s desire to stay true to herself, break free from the norm, and create a wedding day that is as unique as her love story.

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All photos by Eryndae Photography