The 6 Best Wedding Venues – Twin Cities

Best Classic Wedding Venue - Twin Cities

Eryndae Thorvaldsen

January 18, 2024

Welcome to Eryndae Photography, your premier destination for capturing timeless love stories. As a devoted travel wedding photographer based in the Twin Cities, I pride myself on preserving the essence of love through an artistic and sustainable lens. Specializing in a harmonious blend of editorial and documentary styles, my mission is to celebrate individual styles and cherish the intricate details that make each wedding a unique masterpiece. Explore the best wedding venues in the Twin Cities through my lens, where passion meets artistry.

In the bustling heart of the Twin Cities, Eryndae Photography has had the privilege of documenting beautiful unions at some of the most enchanting venues. Join us as we explore the top wedding venues in the Twin Cities – St. Paul College Club, The Glass House, The Whim, Paikka, The Lynhall, Lafayette Club, and the Machine Shop. Here you’ll discover why these spaces hold a special place in my heart and inspire my art as a hybrid documentary-editorial photography.

Best Intimate Wedding Venue – St. Paul College Club

Nestled in the historic Summit Hill neighborhood, the St. Paul College Club exudes timeless elegance. As a wedding photographer, I appreciate the classic charm of this venue. As a result it provides a perfect backdrop for capturing romantic moments. The lush gardens and stunning architecture offer a plethora of photo opportunities. This allows me to seamlessly blend documentary storytelling with editorial flair.

All photos by Eryndae Photography for Zoe Yates Photo Co.

Best Modern Wedding Venue – The Glass House

For couples seeking a contemporary and chic atmosphere, The Glass House stands as an avant-garde choice. Located in heart of Minneapolis, this venue boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the space with natural light. As a hybrid documentary-editorial wedding photographer, I appreciate the clean lines and modern aesthetics.

The venue’s versatility allows me to experiment with creative angles and compositions, resulting in striking images that tell a compelling story. The interplay of light and space at The Glass House provides a canvas for artistic expression. It’s a place where modernity meets romance, and each image captured reflects the couple in an intimate and stylish manner.

What sets the Glass House apart is its commitment to preserving the environment. With a focus on sustainability, this venue aligns with Eryndae Photography’s values. This is the space for couples who share a passion for eco-conscious celebrations. The venue’s green initiatives, coupled with its romantic ambiance, create a harmonious setting for an authentic love celebration.

All photos by Eryndae Photography for Katherine Bowes.

Best Timeless Wedding Venue – The Whim

As a wedding photographer, I seek venues that not only provide a beautiful setting but will be a memorable experience for the couple and their guests. The Whim, located in the historic arts district of Northeast Minneapolis. This venue seamlessly blends industrial chic with timeless elegance, creating a perfect canvas to reflect your unique love story.

The Whim’s clean lines and romantic lighting make it a favorite among couples looking for a personalized celebration. As a hybrid documentary-editorial wedding photographer, I appreciate the opportunity to capture candid moments against the backdrop of The Whim’s stunning windows. It’s a space that encourages genuine emotions, allowing me to document the authentic essence of each couple’s connection.

All photos by Eryndae Photography for Kat Larrea Photo.

Best Restaurant Wedding Venue – The Lynhall

Adding to the tapestry of Twin Cities wedding venues is The Lynhall, a culinary market and event space in the heart of Minneapolis. As a wedding photographer with an eye for detail, I am drawn to The Lynhall’s unique blend of sophistication and warmth. They have exposed brick walls, abundant natural light, and the a commitment to community and sustainability. This makes it a standout choice for couples seeking an intimate and welcoming restaurant atmosphere.

The Lynhall’s versatility allows for both grand and intimate celebrations. This provides a canvas for me to capture the diverse moments that unfold during your wedding day. From the culinary delights to the inviting ambiance, The Lynhall offers an original backdrop for documenting love in a way that is both timeless and contemporary.

All photos by Eryndae Photography for Mo & Co.

Best Industrial Wedding Venue – Paikka

Tucked away in the vibrant Vandalia Tower, Paikka is a hidden gem that offers an industrial aesthetic. As a wedding photographer, I find Paikka’s unique blend of textures and styles inspiring. The venue’s open layout and urban vibe is inspiring, providing a canvas for creative exploration.

Paikka’s commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with my sustainable values, making it a preferred choice for environmentally conscious couples. The venue’s adaptive reuse of a historic building adds depth and character to the wedding narrative. I relish the opportunity to capture the contrast between the old and the new, creating a visual narrative that reflects the couple’s story.

All photos by Eryndae Photography for Kat Larrea Photo.

Best Classic Wedding Venue – Lafayette Club

Nestled on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, the Lafayette Club is a timeless and prestigious venue. As a wedding photographer, I am captivated by the rich history and picturesque setting of this iconic club. The lakeside views, manicured gardens, and stately architecture create an enchanting backdrop for capturing timeless love.

The Lafayette Club’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail align seamlessly with my documentary-editorial photography approach. You can celebrate everything from intimate ceremonies to grand receptions. This venue offers a versatile space that enhances the nuances of each couple’s unique love story with it’s timeless beauty.

All photos by Eryndae Photography for Ali Leigh.

In the Twin Cities, where love stories come to life, Eryndae Photography has been privileged to document intentional weddings in the best venues. From the intimate St. Paul College Club to the modern aesthetics of The Glass House. The timeless ambiance of The Whim, the urban romance of Paikka, the culinary charm of The Lynhall and the classic charm of the Lafayette Club. Each venue holds a special place in the heart of this wedding photographer.

As Eryndae Photography continues its journey of capturing love in style, these venues stand as testament to the richness of the Twin Cities’ wedding scene. Through a lens that blends documentary storytelling with editorial flair, Eryndae Photography invites couples to celebrate their unique love stories. These enchanting spaces create timeless memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.