Inspiration for your Outdoor Tent Wedding

beautiful backyard tent wedding in the rolling hills of Wisconsin

Eryndae Thorvaldsen

March 20, 2023

Intentional. A word I take to heart and the way I describe all aspects of my life. From the food I eat to the clothes I wear, from the friends I make to the clients I work with. Although sometimes exhausting to consider the environmental impact of all my purchases or how every plant in my home is placed, it is worth it everytime. The couples that I work with put intentionality at the heart of their wedding planning. This means they will always have the most meaningful day for themselves and their guests.

There is no better way to describe Lauren and Erik’s wedding day than intentional. Lauren spent hours, days, even months scouring thrift stores for the perfect chairs and couches for her outdoor cocktail hour. The handmade notes for every guest AND vendor made my heart flutter. Lauren even MADE every pair of earrings worn by her bridesmaids. No detail was left untouched.

This intentionality was also evident in their vendor team. This was the first time I had worked with Elevate Events, a female owned wedding planning team out of Madison, and now I will recommend them to every couple. The attention to detail, thoughtful sourcing and community they built was top tier. The DJ Khul not only got everyone up and dancing at the reception, they also did an excellent job accommodating the hilltop ceremony.

Not to mention the location, Lauren’s family land. Set in the driftless region in Wisconsin, it framed the most stunning view of rolling hills during their ceremony. The tented reception was intimate, warm and filled with energized chatter the whole evening.

All images by Eryndae Photography, second shot for Mo Speer Photography. A mix of 35mm film and digital photography.