Welcome to Eryndae Photography

Eryndae Thorvaldsen

February 13, 2023

Why this work means so much more to me than just being a wedding photographer. I have always been an observer in the world. As a kid, in order to get a read on a situation, I would watch people: how they moved, held themselves, spoke, and treated others. So, when I got a hold of my first camera–in 2010– I suddenly could capture all that I was seeing. Around that time, I was fortunate enough to be traveling on a houseboat in Southern France with my family; I couldn’t help but document every detail. From the thunderheads looming above the medieval towns to the frogs on our rickety old boat. This obsession grew on the streets of Paris, a city I always dream of going back to. This was love. As I grew up, the passion for travel and photography only grew stronger.

At the end of high school, I had been accepted to art schools, liberal arts colleges and large state schools. This was the time to make a big choice about how I was going to make a living. I had grown up with two talented artists as parents. Often, when I was younger, money was tight so when I chose to move to Washington and get a “practical degree” to get a “practical job” I was a bit influenced by the fear of being a starving artist. I ended up studying and working in the outdoor industry for ten years. This allowed me to both connect with nature and to travel–never straying far from my camera. But, I felt my creative self was restless.

After living and working  in Hood River, Jackson Hole and Bend chasing snow and rock, I felt it was time to move back to a city to really dive into my creative self again. I bided my time working low-waged jobs while I got my feet on the ground, and then decided to  make the leap and go for my dream. I left my job as an assistant manager at a bike shop and became a full time photographer. I had been photographing as a hobby for over ten years with odd jobs scattered throughout but this was the first big leap into building my dream life.

Becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t what I set out to do but looking back on the life I have lived this past year, I know it is exactly where I am meant to be. This job has given me an endlessly inspiring creative community, and a strong connection with couples and individuals from all walks of life and to experience their love in all forms. I also am so grateful that this job gives me the time and space to be in California every few months and experience being an aunt for the first time. I get to visit my family for the holidays now and be able to travel for work and for play.

Self portrait of Eryndae Photography at a wedding at The Tinsmith wedding venue

Something I learned early on from my parents who have both had many careers in their lives, is to follow what makes you happy. This has led me down so many different paths in life and most importantly manifests in doing exactly what I want to do, not what other people expect me to do. 

If you are looking to break rules, question tradition and do it all for love, I am your wedding photographer. On this blog, rather than just sharing my latest work for Eryndae Photography, I’m also going to get personal. This means sharing photos and writing about my travels, sharing the love stories that I get to document and maybe even chatting about my favorite ways to live intentionally and sustainably. My hope is by sharing what fulfills me, these stories will resonate with you.

Cheers for now!